Example: Streamline data

Published 2014-03-16 | Author: Paul Gessler

I enjoy the simplicity of the code and the quality of the result. It uses pgfplots to display streamline data for vortex shedding from a square block at Re=100. The streamline data were computed by a Fortran code I wrote to model the flow.

The data files are quite large; they are available here for anyone wishing to reproduce my result. The full paper is available for download here. It includes many similar figures showing different times during the vortex shedding process.

Paul Gessler on TeX.SE

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Streamline data

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  axis equal image,
  xlabel={$x/D$ (-)},
  ylabel={$y/D$ (-)},
  \foreach \num in {1,2,...,18} {
    \addplot[black] file {time43.39stream\num.dat};                          
  \draw[fill=black] (axis cs:15,1) rectangle (axis cs:16,2);


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