Example: Function visualization

Published 2014-03-15 | Author: Christian Feuersänger

We want to visualize two functions. The first function is given by means of a data table. The second function is given by means of a math expression. We would like to place the two results side-by-side, and we would like to have “proper” alignment.

The code is from the PGFPlots 1.10 manual: “3.2 Solving a Real Use Case: Function Visualization”.

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Function visualization

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   title=Inv. cum. normal,
   ymin=-3, ymax=3,
   minor y tick num=1,
\addplot[blue] table {invcum.dat};
\hskip 10pt % insert a non-breaking space of specified width.
   yticklabel pos=right,
% density of Normal distribution:
   {exp(-(x-\MU)^2 / 2 / \SIGMA^2) / (\SIGMA * sqrt(2*pi))};


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