Example: Plot with error intervals

Published 2014-03-16 | Author: Jake

Here, the trick is to use stack plots=y together with closedcycle to create the error bands.

We define a new command, \addplotwitherrorbands[<optional styles>]{<function>}{<positive error>} {<negative error>} for this spurpose.

This code was written by Jake on TeX.SE.

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Plot with error intervals

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    error band/.style={fill=orange},
    error band style/.style={
        error band/.append style=#1
  \addplot [#1, draw=none, stack plots=y, forget plot] {#2-(#3)};
  \addplot +[#1, draw=none, stack plots=y, error band] {(#3)+(#4)}\closedcycle;
  \addplot [#1, draw=none, stack plots=y, forget plot] {-(#2)-(#3)};
  \addplot [#1, forget plot] {#2};
    declare function={f(\x)=rad(\x)-sin(\x);}
  \begin{axis}[domain = 0:360, enlarge x limits = false,
      cycle list = {
        error band style = orange!20\\
        error band style = orange!40\\
        error band style = orange!60\\
        error band style = orange!80\\
        error band style = orange!100\\
    \pgfplotsinvokeforeach{1,0.5,0.25,0.125, 0.0625} {
      \addplotwitherrorband [] {f(x)}{#1}{#1}


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