Example: Differential equation direction plot

Published 2014-03-16 | Author: Jake

Using PGFPlotstable, we can use a naive numerical integration scheme to find the function directly within LaTeX.

This code was written by Jake on TeX.SE.

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Differential equation direction plot

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    create on use/x/.style={
        create col/expr={
    create on use/y/.style={
        create col/expr accum={
      view     = {0}{90},
      domain   = -1:1,
      y domain = -1:1,
      samples  = 21,
      xmax     = 1,
      ymax     = 1
    \addplot3 [gray, quiver={u={1}, v={x^2+y^2-1}, scale arrows=0.075,
               every arrow/.append style={-latex}}] (x,y,0);
    \addplot [thick, red] table [x=x, y=y] {\loadedtable};


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